Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How To Make St. Patrick's Day Hair Clovers

I love Love Love Making little girl hair bows.  This post I will share with you an easy way to have your little girls prepared to show her style on St. Patrick's Day.  
  • 2 7" cut green ribbon (3/8" wide)
  • 1 3 1/2" cut green ribbon (3/8" wide)
  • Button
  • Fishing wire and Sewing Needle
  • Alligator Clip
  • Glue Gun
Mark or pinch your 7" ribbon in half.  Wrap the ends of the ribbon matching ends together in the back.  Grab your alligator clip to hold your bow in place.  Do the same thing with the other piece of 7" ribbon. 
Cross the ribbon placing together forming 4 loops together.  Take your fishing wire with a knot in the end and sew the 2 ribbons and the ends together.  Once finished sewing tie a knot and slid the knot as close to the ribbon as possible.   Take your last piece of ribbon with glue on the tip, glue to the inside of the clip's prongs.  Place glue on the top side of the alligator clip then fastening the ribbon to the top of the clip.  Wrap the ribbon around the clip sealing with glue once again. 
Take the end of the alligator clip and place a dab of glue on the end attaching the 4 leaf clover to the tip, do the same with the button and let it cool.  Well, there you have it.  You have now made a very cute 4 leave Clover.
I have many other ideas for other seasonal holidays and will post when we get closer to that time.  Stay tuned for other posts.  Leave any suggestions or post your own pictures of your finished hair bows!!!  Also watch step by step instructions by video below.

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